A lot has happened since it was founded in 2016 we are indeed a team of most generous enthusiastic peoples, small in size though. We so far has delivered a quality services with a new milestone with each and every businesses out there in the History of Our Organization. We are proud to be as a team eagerly accepting any kind of challenges for services what we offers.

We welcomes every businesses with open heart and delivers the creativity inside always. The happiness to our clients is on much more priority with honesty. We as a family presents all possibilities to our clients and hopes their patience and co-operation during project development till final delivery.

And yes we are very keen on each & every steps of business as well as hiring fresh and experienced talents for our rapidly growing team in Bangalore. We are only located in Bengaluru (Head Office) with no sub office or extension.

Infinito Solutions Dose candidate search, qualification and selection process with the team of professional recruiters. With the help IDC (Indian Delivery Centre) we are able to understand clients’ functional environment, business goals and utilizes specialized candidate skill set and profile testing to ensure best-matched resources’ for its clients needs.

The steps ensured by IDC for selection of best matched candidate includes :

  1. Screening Interview
  2. Skills Inventory and Application Supplement
  3. Technical Interview
  4. Personal / Professional Reference Checks
  5. Right to work confirmation
  6. Background Investigation
  7. Quick Join